Paste-resist fail 2

Yes, once again I have to report that my attempts to master paste-resist dyeing have failed … I really do think that the paste was better this time – it was a lot thicker, so I could use it with a stencil – however, it seems I’m still using the wrong kind of dye. This time I tried spraying the dye onto the fabric when it was laid out flat on the floor, so that it wouldn’t dislodge the paste the way it did when I submerged the fabric. But it just soaked around the paste anyway, and in fact, as I didn’t use all the dye, it didn’t even really make much difference to the colour. So if anyone reading this can suggest a thick dye medium which I could use to sponge onto the surface of the fabric, do let me know!

PS I would post up a picture of the fabric as it looks now, but really, given that the pattern is almost indiscernible,  there is no point.


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