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Saw ‘500 Days of Summer’ last night, and I really liked the guy’s black-painted wall, where he draws a huge panorama of the city’s architecture; I’m seriously thinking about painting a wall of my studio with blackboard paint this autumn and using it as a kind of sketchbook and space for notes. I think it could also work a bit like the tape drawings, but with the colours inverted. Quite keen to do it and see how it looks 🙂


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d’Arry’s pictures now up

I’ve posted up the photos I took of my latest batch of blackboard signs for d’Arry’s wine bar in Cambridge on the ‘Commissions page. Unfortunately they still have some of the chalk on them as I didn’t have time to dust it off before I took the photos – still, it gives a good idea of how the signs look, and I’m pretty pleased with them.

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