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New Adventures In Dressmaking

Having abandoned, for the time being, any attempts at dyeing my own fabric, I bought some lovely grey/taupe gabardine today from John Lewis, along with a Vogue pattern for a sweet little jacket with a kind of flared vent at the back, a bit like an old riding habit.

(see dodgy picture from my webcam if the description’s not working for you,

but don’t worry I’m not letting any checks that loud into my wardrobe any time soon)

I’ve also ordered a pretty Paisley-pattern silk (ish) lining in dove grey/blue, so hopefully it’ll all be lovely, and not a complete disaster like my last attempt. I’m sure it’s not an accident that ‘seamstress’ ends in ‘stress’.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, thimbles crossed for a happy result!


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Pictures of the paste-resist design that never was

Here are some photos of the paste resist patterns, before the dye washed them all out!

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