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FilmLab Festival

Okay, so generally I’m going to keep this blog about my art work and reviews, but this is just a note about the fact that I’m organising a film festival with Lucy Rogers, called FilmLab, that’s going to happen on the 9th of November at the Roxy bar and Screen. It’s a showcase of international short films by students and recent graduates, and we’re very excited about it. If you do want to find out more, you can check out our website, or email us at info@filmlabfestival.co.uk.

This is a really great project, and we’ve had some brilliant films submitted, so if you’d like to see fresh new cinema in a cool venue, come along! [end of advert]


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Saw ‘500 Days of Summer’ last night, and I really liked the guy’s black-painted wall, where he draws a huge panorama of the city’s architecture; I’m seriously thinking about painting a wall of my studio with blackboard paint this autumn and using it as a kind of sketchbook and space for notes. I think it could also work a bit like the tape drawings, but with the colours inverted. Quite keen to do it and see how it looks 🙂

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